Saturday, June 23, 2012

:: LaGi-LAgI mAkeUp ::

My next model for transformation...still got lots of work n effort to become pro..pheWww!

I am looking for new model...tangan dah gatal nak 'touch up' muka org ni...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

:: uPdATe maKeUP ::

Hye bloggers.. here I would like to post some pictures of my touched. Not so perfect good..but I wish to be better than what I am now..enjoyy ;p

                                                                     before make over
in the making of make over
                                                                       after make over

Friday, June 8, 2012

:: I wAs aDDictEd iNtO mAkEuP tOo ::


Previously, I've talked on Maher Zain and how I addicted to him as the singer and how I interested in his songs..Really the best singer/composer/musician/lyricist that has played his role and responsibility very well towards Muslim people especially. 

So, now in this post I again would like to share my another addiction, which is "makeup". At first, it was only for fun and I do it just to makeup myself and for no any attention. Now, it comes to more professional (is it?..hahaha). I started my interest and my passion with makeup by attending makeup classes on December 2009 at Juwein Bridal. I've spent 10 times classes there and Juwein was really nice and taught me so well. Then, I continued another class on July is not a makeup class anyway, it is more to workshop on makeover and grooming hosted by Nurul Shukor.Very funny and friendly. Lastly, I've attended my makeup class with RashidahBeautyDesign.  She was also very nice and supportive. With all these, I now begin step by step to pursue my passion about makeup and make someone beautiful.. :) I am also starting my own branding"prettysplendour"...Do support me everyone! Thank You :)

                                                                 My Makeup Tools

                                                             My 1st Model Transformed  




                                                             Myself after Makeup Class

Actually I am a new beginner in this, so still here and there I need to improvise. Practice make Perfect isn't?..Bye

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