Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jalan-Jalan during School Break

Last week, my husband brought me to Melacca to spend our time during school break. We haven't been anywhere 'togader-gader'..so we went to Melacca..town of history. Since Jay Bee is near to Melaka, so we have decided to be there 2 days only. Melacca Equatorial Hotel in the middle of Bandar Hilir (kalau x salah la..) is the best place that we've chosen to stayed. Senang nak move dalam bandar Melaka. During our time here, no shopping at all..we just visited places that attracted us to be there. By the way, this holiday was fun where we also decide to go to Langkawi next time..so, Langkawi...wait for us!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kenduri in Pontian..

21.12.08 - after went for a kenduri at Maran Pahang, yesterday the bride and the groom hold their 2nd majlis in Pontian. So, my whole family and I went to Pontian. The theme was green but most of our family members pakai baju tak ikut tema pun...suka hati je..haha
my huband and his siblings were busy melayan tetamu kat luar while my sisters in law and i were busy kat dapur..sampai sakit pinggang dibuatnya..so far, the wedding ceremony was good for the pengantin..but not for us sebab kitaorang penat..hehe. So, here some candid pictures from the wedding ceremony.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

joUrNey to Maran, Pahang

12.12.08- i went to Maran, Pahang for my uncle's wedding (belah suami). we drove from jb after maghrib to maran. the journey was so exciting because kitaorang konvoi beramai2 ke sana.. about 1.30 am tiba la kat Maran and we stayed at Chalet or Rest House something like that, hak milik Majlis Perbandaran Maran. the secenery was so beautiful sebab berdepan dengan padang golf and tasik..hmm

Next day, menghadiri majlis perkahwinan..dan kami semua berpakaian biru (female) and maroon (male). apa yang menarik perkahwinan pak sedara aku ni ialah hantaran yang dia bagi kat bride..really2 marvellous even thou ni 2nd marriage dia..iskk bertuah badan dek non.. apapun, tahniah to both of them..hopefully their marriage will last forever.. and me too..ahaks!

hApPy BeSDAy 2 U...

10.12.08 - happy birthday to myself..genap umur 25. Anong (name that i used to call my husband) telah belanja makan at Gazebo Palace, Jb. Actually location for dinner ni has changed last minute sebab Restoran Singgah Selalu penuh ngan customers. So, layan je la jiwa kat situ and our menu is Western Food..fish and chip for anong and sirlion steak for me..slalu nya aku x abis makan mende2 macam tu but somehow at that time...licin! haha (kuat makan tul..) no wonder my weight has increased from 52 to 58 ...hmm

Next day, i went to one salon in Nusajaya....for what? potong rambut la..hehe. my hair has been cutted short like pelakon baru 'scha' even thou not as beautiful as her..but can la.. terima kasih banyak to Anong for the sponsor. I have no special wish for my birthday..just make our life more happier.

26.05.08 - Not Available Anymore!

26.05.08 - declaration of husband and wife between bride (Tengku Nurhana Nalia) and groom (Mohd Hasnul)... the location take place in Marang, Terengganu. The wedding event went very well for the whole day. The theme was 'green'. The ceremony started at 10.30 (solemnasation) at Masjid Besar Marang by 'imam' Tuan Haji Hussien B. Ibrahim. He was very funny during the solemnasation moment...everyone keep laughing when he started doing jokes. How so ever, i found that, it was his style to calm the groom. Normal la..slalunya groom will get butterfly at their stomach during that part. The photographer on that day was 'markless'...one of the best photographers in Terengganu...the bride and the groom had fun doing outdoor photo shot at Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah a.k.a Masjid Terapung, Kuala Ibai Terengganu. Last but not least, the pictures taken were very nice, same goes with story board album..worth with budget that have been spent. Thanks to everyone who have involved in that 'majlis'.

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