Saturday, October 23, 2010


hye bloggers,

My warmest smile to all...dear bloggers, i left my blog without any stories since eid...there was no reason why but perhaps i admitted that i have abundant of works to settle on. Now, i have to place some time to put something in my blog. Yet, i do not know what to write on..hehe. Maybe the first thing i would like to share with is Adam becoming 1st year birthday (28.10.2010). There were few days left, i have no idea how to celebrate it since Adam was too small to know that was his birthday. I asked mom (my mother) how to make 'pulut kuning'..hehe and i hope that i am able to do it. Just look forward whom to invite... Anong,u do the preparation okayY.
Secondly is..good news to both of us. My 2nd preggy is confirmed. Hope my baby in womb doing okay inside. Abah and Ibu really happy with this news. So, Adam is going to have lil sis or bro next year. Since it was at the early stage of pregnancy, i do not want to post babyticker widget yet. Maybe later on i will...
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