Wednesday, January 26, 2011

:: bUncH of wOrks LoAdED ::

Now, i am struggling to finish lots of work that due is on Friday. Till then, no 'mengulor' allows.
"banyaknya kerjaaaaaaa" do not know which one to start first and where to start. Like to see other colleagues so smart in managing their time...their work and their life. I was so so damn (avoid using this word unless you really need to use it..hahaha) to manage this. I really slow in doing things...maybe because of my condition or else it because of my habit to make things in slow motion. Helpppp...

Yesterday, one of my students said to me that my face is look alike Natasha Hudson..hahaha. If that so, its better for me to stop working and begin new career as celebrity. When I was in university, one of my classmate (Rosnani Saiki) said that my face is like Alicia words came out from my mouth..instead "senyum kambing"..maybe part of that..not the whole face is same. What nonsense I talk about...

Back to the topic..haha
I am now suppose to finish all the works that I mentioned earlier...but looks, I am still blogging here...still wasting time here.. I am stuck to complete the works. All tachers in my school are working like flash..very fast..that is why they were very good! Good teachers! Ok for now..its better to get back working...daaa all..
- may ur day full of joys -

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

:: 2011-The 1st EntRy foR thIS yeAR ::

Hye all...
As I mentioned earlier in previous entry, I am now 14th weeks on pregnancy. Somehow, this time pregnancy really hits me. I mean, it was really effects my daily routine. For sure, I became more lazy than usual... and I admit that 'when you become pregnant, you automatically become lazy'..hehe. No morning sickness at all!

Now, I just fooling around looking some 'moment' to write something as my entry for this year. The fact is, nothing really interest me to share with you all...except yesterday I got the news (letter) told me that my loan for buying a new house has been approved. I am so happy because what I dreamt of before will come true. So...this year, if nothing occurs, hopefully we can move to our new house in Nusa Idaman...

That's all guys...may your day full with happiness! daaa
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