Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 2009 Resolution

I wish to do something for myself in this year 2009. Do not know how..but i'll try my best to go for it!

1. I need to lose weight..YES,I HAVE TO
- 56 (Ya Tuhan...)my target is 49 and we will see

2. I need to gain knowledge on sumtin
- i am saving now..hopefully no obstacle..haha

3. I need to continue my study..YES,I WILL
- after consultation with my knowlegable siblings..i think i deserve it. pernah berangan nak continue study oversea..just wait and see also

4. I need to decorate my house as what i have planned before
- share with husband to enlarge the kitchen,choose cabinet n make small garden in front of our house..budget?? RM30,000 hmm...

5. I need to continue my makeUp class with Juewin as soon as possible
- the fee was totally i need to finish it
- plan for partime job after makeUp class

6. I need to revise my salary
- need to divide the money equally from most to least

7. I need to find one credit card for myself..hehe
- i think maybank is better kot..(discuss ngan anong later)

8. I need to be a less spender
- already planned to go traveling to some places for this whole year

9. I need to take care of my bonda
- since i was no longer in Terengganu..i need to spend my time wisely when it comes to school holiday..whereas, aku kangen Terengganu so much!

10.I need to prepare myself for the future baby
- hopefully that moment will come nearby ...hehe


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