Saturday, January 24, 2009

- what will u do when u get bonus?? -

last night..after maghrib prayer, my husband asked me what is our plan for that night. i was blurred on that time to answer his question. so, i asked him back.."plan?..kita ada plan ke?" then, he smiles very d lebar.. nak dijadikan kes..i saw 2 letters in his working i tried to grab that but he refuses to gave me.after fight-fight manja..aku dapat la tgk the content of the letter. i knew..he got 4 months bonus...kaya siottttttt! Apa lagi..that night we went to Plaza Pelangi..THANK U to him coz bought me a Louis Jeans trousers. After spending on garment, we went for makan-makan at StoneGrill.The place where we like most to go. Dah kali ke brape aku pon dah x ingat..but we had a good time there semalam..THANKS again to anong!

1. New Zealand Sirlion Steak
2. Chicken Grilled + Fried Rice
3. Black Pepper Sauce Whipped Potatoes
4. Tuna Salad
6. Moccachino


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