Sunday, March 8, 2009

:: house renovation :: kitchen plus room ::

loan need some renovation and we're very happy about it. yesterday, friend of mine who is an architect has came to take a look at my house which is the kitchen and also one of the single room. previously, my husband and i have planned to renovate only the kitchen but then when we knew that i was pregnant..we decided to renovate the downstair room as a baby room. so we replace that 'solat' room upstair. so, by now we have start our window shopping to see whether there are furnitures that suit with what we need. this is the best moment that i gathered so far. husband take a good care of me. right now, i am not in a good health (condition moderate) coz i lost my appetite at this 'demam' but still can stand properly..haha. shopping also need some changes where no more hill shoes to buy..but more to sandal and soft shoes to wear. the doctor has warned me to take a good care of the baby..less walks..more relax..don't 'panjat-panjat' and alert with food. huh....but i still can do it ;)
to some of my colleagues and my friends...hope their 'rezeki' will come soon..aminn


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